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Reject mail inline using SpamAssassin spamd


See milter-regex for a general introduction to milter plugins.

This program is very simple. About 700 lines of C code. No configuration file. Only basic functionality. No bells and whistles. This is a design choice. There are plenty of other plugins that provide much more functionality.

In short, if this is all you need, it's probably the easiest and most efficient choice. If it isn't, you'll have to fork and extend the code, or look elsewhere ;)

milter-spamd runs on OpenBSD and is BSD licensed.

Man page

MILTER-SPAMD(8)         OpenBSD System Manager's Manual        MILTER-SPAMD(8)

     milter-spamd - sendmail milter plugin for SpamAssassin spamd

     milter-spamd [-d] [-i RE] [-p pipe] [-u user] [-U spamd-user]

     The milter-spamd plugin can be used with the milter API of sendmail(8) to
     filter mails based on decisions from SpamAssassin's spamd(1) daemon.
     Mails are piped to the daemon, which decides whether a mail is spam or
     not according to its own configuration.  Spam mails are rejected with an
     SMTP 554 ("Transaction failed") reply, containing the score from spamd.
     This typically causes the remote MTA to generate a bounce message to the
     sender.  Non-spam mails are accepted without any modifications.

     The options are as follows:

     -d         Do not detach from controlling terminal.  Produce verbose out-
                put on stdout for debugging.

     -i RE      Accept mails without invoking spamd for peers whose host names
                or IP addresses match the specified regular expression.  The
                argument is a case-insensitive extended regular expression
                (like an argument of egrep(1) -i).  Example:

                      # milter-spamd -i '(^127\.|^10\.1\.|\.benzedrine\.ch$)'

                would skip filtering for senders whose host names end in .ben-
                zedrine.ch or whose IP addresses start with 127. or 10.1.

     -p pipe    Use the specified pipe to interface sendmail(8).  Default is

     -u user    Run as the specified user instead of the default, _milter-
                spamd.  When milter-spamd is started as root, it calls
                setuid(2) to drop privileges.  The non-privileged user should
                have read access to the configuration file and read-write ac-
                cess to the pipe.

     -U spamd-user
                Pass the specified user to spamd, so that user's SpamAssassin
                settings are used instead of the default system-wide ones.

     The plugin needs to be registered in the sendmail(8) configuration, by
     adding the following lines to the .mc file

                   `S=unix:/var/spool/milter-spamd/sock, T=S:30s;R:2m')

     rebuilding /etc/mail/sendmail.cf from the .mc file using m4(1), and
     restarting sendmail(8).

     milter-spamd sends log messages to syslogd(8) using facility daemon and,
     with increasing verbosity, level err, notice, info and debug.  The fol-
     lowing syslog.conf(5) section can be used to log messages to a dedicated

     daemon.err;daemon.notice        /var/log/milter-spamd

     egrep(1), mailstats(1), regex(3), syslog.conf(5), re_format(7),
     sendmail(8), syslogd(8)

     Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, RFC 2821.

     Enhanced Mail System Status Codes, RFC 1893.

     The first version of milter-spamd was written in 2004.

     Daniel Hartmeier <daniel@benzedrine.ch>

OpenBSD 3.7                   September 24, 2003                             2



0.9: September 26, 2017

Add -l option to specify maximum log level, defaults to 6 (LOG_INFO), i.e. excludes LOG_DEBUG.

0.8: June 20, 2017

Remove setegid/seteuid calls.

0.7: January 16, 2017

Add pieces to build on Linux. Use make -f Makefile.linux.

0.6: January 16, 2014

SpamAssassin uses the top-most (trusted) Received: header in its score rules. Because sendmail inserts its own Received: header only after the milter plugin has been called, the plugin adds a similar header to the output sent to SpamAssassin. Improve this fake header by adding the authentication parts, when available. Some SpamAssassin rules use these to score favorably. Suggested and tested by Joerg Jung.

0.5: February 20, 2007

Remove man page section about building sendmail with milter support, this is the default since a while.

June 6, 2005

Fixes for multi-receipient mails (state machine).

October 31, 2004

milter-spamd 0.3 has been successfully tested with SpamAssassin 3.0.1. The API changes mentioned in the SpamAssassin upgrade documentation seem to refer to the command line interface, not the TCP interface used by milter-spamd.

0.3: April 4, 2004

Several bugfixes, add -i to exclude specific senders from getting filtered.

0.1: April 3, 2004

First version.

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